death cab for cutie


its talons raked the side of my face


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death cab for cutie
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wow I love that please keep me

of course. =)
and thanks, it took me all afternoon!

You left a comment on my LJ a while ago.
I "friended" you, & never heard from you again.

I'd like to talk, but only if you want to <3

take care, hun.
jess lauren <3

I'm not on your friends list?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
OK, I'll add you!
The archive is up - Head-Dizzy.
It's been a bit neglected, I'm afraid, I'll have to do some more work on it.
Looking forward to your story!

you seem neat. I came across you in a community and have decided to add you. (psst. you should add me back. please.)

um. je m'appelle Margot. feel free to ask me any questions if you have any.

Cool, I 'seem neat'. That's a good thing to 'seem'.
I will add you. Just out of curiousity, which community did you come across me in?

I saw that you're a part of the kate moss community. Great pics you posted! would you mind if i added you as a friend, as vice versa?

Hey there- I stumbled across your existence over on emeraldexles' journal and I was wondering if I could add you? You are intriguing and I like your style!

Hm, why not? Added! :)
(I don't know about intriguing...I'm a bit strange)

Hey, I just read some of your posts in "lesbian" and you seem like a really interesting person so I'm friending you.

Okay! :) I'll friend you too.

I saw your posts on a community -- you seem interesting. I'm adding you. Add me?

you just made my day. i'm glad you decided to leave a comment instead of just looking and then flitting away.
although if the pictures in your info is you, then you're awfully stunning, too.

I'm glad too.
I wish the pics were me, but unfortunately they're not, they're Kate Moss. :)

May I be befriended?
I commented on your post in "the teachers pets" and was curious to read more about you.

hey, i found you through bohochic's journal..add me? :)

hi. i noticed we had a lot of things in common. i added you, hope you don't mind.

yeah, i guess that's OK!! :)

I love your default icon. Where did you get it? Mmm, Shane!

I made it, actually. Yeah, mmm Shane is right!! She's so hot. <3

add me? you seem really cool! i'll add you <3

I <3 the banner! Did you draw it yourself?

they're scans of the back of my maths book, hehe. thanks.

i liked what you did for that girl in the photo_decadent community, I mean the scanning thing :) Hi, I am sarah :)

I haven't done it yet! Hehe. Sure. :)

I found your lj in the teachers pet community. I added you to my friends if you don't mind. Could you add me please? Thanks!

I came over via TLW comm, and noticed that you like The Frames!! A friend of mine introduced me to them, and I am now obsessed with them and < a href="">Mark Geary</a>. :) I added you, hope that's okay. :)

Yay, I love The Frames! I'll add you back. :) (And I loveeee your icon)

came across you in a L Word Icons community and you seem pretty cool, so i added you... add me? :)
<3 anaïs


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